Industrial designer & creative technologist

Designing tangible connected products that embed the digital in our rich environment.

industrial designer & creative technologist

Hello, I'm Ana Torralba

On my view, design contextualizes objects in people's lives making them understandable and desirable. Moreover, considering that we live in the Digital Era, I believe that design balances out technology developments: while technology advances rapidly, people adapts slower, and design seamlessly embeds aspects of the computational world in the everyday.


That's why I'm interested in exploring the way we manipulate and interact with products, focusing on user values and context, leaving behind a technology driven perspective. Ultimately, design products that fit in the users' everyday life, beautifully shaped and manufactured.

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I’m eager to start working in an innovative company. I’m hardworking and a fast learner, not afraid to be challenged: I seek to grow everyday as a professional.  My background is in Industrial Design. I studied my Bachelor's in Spain: BSc in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development. This June I graduated with Honors from a Master’s in the innovative area of Eindhoven (Netherlands), in which I felt inspired to participate in research and innovative projects. I developed my thesis in industry together with Bang & Olufsen Early Concept Development Team (10 months). I have experience in design studios as well as in prototyping and manufacturing (FabLab traineeship).

awards & Achievements

Exhibited in Dutch Design Week 2017

Published in CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2018

Published in DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) Conference

MSc Graduated with Honors

BSc Graduated with Honors

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Web created in 2018.

Soon, we will be able to control a music system via gesture commands performed anywhere in the home.  This mid-air interface shows its perception of user gestures with movement and light. When the user approaches the device, it subtly transitions into a tangible interface offering different interaction options, letting the user decide what is most convenient for each situation. Taking a human-centered approach to home technology, Unison explores how to interact with smart systems in a natural way creating a feeling of engagement. Convenience with a pinch of magic.

The goal of this project is to design a fun and interactive product that allows for easy implementation in High School PE classes. VersaTiles are the result: small interactive mats that can communicate wireless with other mats. [...]

Materials can be considered as the interface of a product, as they mediate between user, environment and object. In this case, we created several materials samples in order to explore the nuances when interacting with them. We seek to mold and transmit a sensation: [...]

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Web created in 2018.

multimodal interaction



connected products

tangible interaction

Interactive Materiality